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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Pay per click search engine advertising, when managed properly, can effectively reach 80% of active internet users. In order to obtain such visibility levels your listing must maintain bids high enough to stay in the top several results - only these listings are distributed across the more popular internet portals as "sponsored listings" or "featured sites" from the top pay per click search technology providers.

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Don't waste money by overbidding when a competitor lowers their bid. With #1 listings exceeding $25 per click, just one hour of overbidding could cost your company hundreds of dollars. Our manual and automated processes accesses your Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, or Google AdWords account every hour and, as necessary, adjusts maximum bids to beat the competition by increments of one cent.

PPC campaign management includes the following services:

  • Keyword selection research.
  • Hourly bid reviews and updates.
  • Comprehensive conversion tracking.
  • Monthly cost, traffic, and ROI report.

First Listings pay per click campaign management services are a no-risk investment in the success of your website because you pay only for the traffic you receive. Request a consultation from one of our renowned search engine experts to learn more about pay per click solutions of unparalleled service and support.

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First Listings' pay per click campaign management fees are based on a combined flat-fee schedule plus a percentage of cost. Please use the form below or contact us for a specific price quote suited to the needs of your business.

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