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MSN Asks Forum Members to Help Improve Search Algorithm


Last week, MSN Search technicians used the popular forum and discussion board at to help improve their search algorithm and user experience. While working with webmasters and online marketers is far from a unique approach for a search engine, MSN's technician has seemingly assumed a much more candid role than his predecessors.

Throughout the past few years, Google Search Engineer Matt Cutts (known as 'GoogleGuy') has frequented this and other sites, trying to work webmasters and marketers over to faithful Google users. While his efforts have certainly been successful, the recent discussions started by 'msndude' appear to be much more direct than anything we have seen before.

With the search engine industry being as competitive as it has been, it is not uncommon to get indirect answers and delayed responses to what many would see as critical matters to their business. In the case of these recent discussions though, it is refreshing to see technicians looking for active advice to improve their services and user experience not only for webmasters and site owners -- but for those conducting the searches as well.

For more information, please refer to the active discussion at

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