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America Online & Yahoo to Charge Email Postage


"America Online and Yahoo, two of the world's largest providers of e-mail accounts, are about to start using a controversial system that gives preferential treatment to messages from companies that pay from 1/4 of a cent to a penny each to have them delivered." (Source: NY Times)

In other words, you'll still get bombarded with emails -- whether your spam filters work or not. While that will help to create some entrepreneurial opportunities for spammers, it's also costing the software industry. Think of the number of spam-blockers available in today's market. Now imagine them entirely useless in a few years.

It's just not right, is it? For a long time, spammers would just send emails to any address their software would create -- meaning that they were wasting time creating those endless lists. My question is now this though... If they are now paying for valid addresses, wouldn't that create a more efficient spamming operation? If so, we could see a lot of people switching away from AOL and Yahoo email services.

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