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InfoWorld announces re-launch of Yahoo! China

11/14/05 claims to be China's largest e-commerce platform, and has now announced the re-launch of Yahoo! China.

Alibaba has a new home page and their business model seems to be more focused on search. In the midst of re-launching Yahoo! China's search brands (including many of these sites have been consolidated and rebranded as only as Yahoo! Search.

In October, Alibaba had acquired the China business of Yahoo! and became the exclusive licensee to the Yahoo! brand and search technology in China. Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma says, "This is the first big step we are taking to reshape the Yahoo! brand in China since taking over its operations. We have successfully married Yahoo!'s world-class search technology with's expertise in China, to build the best search engine for China's Internet users."The re-launched site, at , provides a simplified look and feel with a home page focused on search.

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