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Authors of published news, reviews, and articles pertaining to SEO and online marketing since 1999, the founders of The First Listings Marketing Group are respected as some of the top search engine optimizers in the industry. Below are several recently published articles authored by the First Listings staff of expert consultants.

05/14/04 Leading the Search Engine Industry
05/11/04 The Past, Present, and Future of Online Directories
05/19/04 Choosing a Domain Name for Optimal Search Engine Ranking
05/19/04 Is Google Really Ready to Take on Yahoo and MSN?
06/03/04 Maximizing Your Search Engine Promotion Productiveness
06/15/04 A Closer Look at Microsoft’s MSNBot
07/21/04 Affiliate Manager Interview: Jennifer O`Neal,
10/05/04 Personalized Search Engine Market Gains Company From Yahoo
10/06/04 Google Print Enters the Book Search Market
09/12/05 MSN Asks Forum Members to Help Improve Search Algorithm
09/13/05 Google Continues to Face Legal Hassles with GMail
09/13/05 MSN Previews
09/15/05 What is a Stealth Website?
09/14/05 Google Offers More Stock
09/16/05 Google Imitates Micrsoft`s
09/19/05 Yahoo CEO Discusses Video Search
09/20/05 Free Opera
09/22/05 8,000 Authors Sue Google for Copyright Violations
09/21/05 MSN is Shopping AOL
09/22/05 Is Google in Market to Buy AOL?
09/23/05 DEA Shuts Down More than 4,500 Online Pharmacy Web Sites
09/23/05 Search Engines Make Rich Americans
09/26/05 MSN adCenter Update
09/26/05 Changes in Yahoo Search Results
09/27/05 Google Celebrates 7th Birthday
09/28/05 Google No Longer Listing Number of Pages
09/30/05 Holiday Shopping Made Easy With Google Downloads
10/04/05 Sun and Google Team Up Against Microsoft
10/05/05 Search Engine Rankings for August Released
10/05/05 Yahoo Acquires
10/07/05 America Online agrees to buy Weblogs Inc.
10/12/05 Yahoo Lists Blogs in News Search Results
10/13/05 Google and Comcast Looking to Buy Parts of AOL
10/25/05 ICANN and VeriSign End Dispute
10/26/05 Google Prepares Against eBay
10/27/05 Microsoft and Yahoo Team Up Against Google
11/03/05 Google Releases Beta Version of Google Print
11/10/05 Yahoo No Longer Interested in Buying AOL
11/14/05 announces re-launch of Yahoo! China
11/14/05 Google Renames Urchin to Google Analytics
11/15/05 Will Google Rent Books Online?
11/16/05 Google Launches Google Base, Now Live for All Users
12/13/05 Google Launches Google Transit Service
12/15/05 Google Set to Open Pittsburgh Office
03/09/06 Where Should I Learn Website Design?
02/08/06 Udi Manber Headed to Google
02/08/06 Yahoo Tests New Home Page Design (Screenshots Included)
02/08/06 America Online & Yahoo to Charge Email Postage
02/01/06 Shares of Google Drop Nearly 15% Overnight
01/30/06 Google Releases Version 4 of Google Toolbar
01/11/06 See Next Months Google Rankings with the Help of Bigdaddy
01/10/06 AOL Acquires Video Search Firm Truveo
01/09/06 Jakob Nielsen`s Current Take on Search Engines
01/09/06 Google Pack Arrives
01/09/06 Google Purchases Mobile Developer Reqwireless
01/06/06 Google To Offer Video & Software Downloads
03/31/06 Yahoo Tests Another Home Page Design
05/12/06 Google Health Feedback
06/01/06 Yahoo Search Marketing Updates

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